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THE first impression a visitor to Holy Trinity receives is usually one of airiness and light;  calm and peacefulness. 

  The visitor might then notice the coloured windows.  They are worth a second look.  For a start, there are not too many of them, so the impression of light and air is not diminished.  Furthermore, they are good examples of their type, and one or two are very good indeed.  They are generally dubbed “Victorian”, but in actual fact ten of them are early twentieth century.  Nevertheless, with one notable exception, they are late Victorian in style and feeling.

  A study of any church windows leads one along three paths:  into the lives of past parishioners;  into the intricacies of saints and their symbols, and into the art of colouring glass, which burgeoned so vigorously during the Victorian church-building and church-restoring era.  A little of all this is reflected in the following pages.     

  For ease of reference the windows are numbered one to twelve,

beginning with the Great East Window, and working clockwise around the church.  Their names, purely arbitrary, have also

been given for the sake of convenience.                                            

      If you should feel moved to examine the windows more closely, a small pair of binoculars

would be invaluable–   although you will probably get a crick in the neck using them!      



1 THE GREAT EAST WINDOW                                                    


POSITION   At the east end of the church, over the original altar. 

MAKER         Heaton, Butler and Bayne   

DONOR        Miss L. E. C. James                                                   

IN MEM.      Mr. William James, J.P.D.L.                                     

DATE           1891 


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