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Forthcoming Services

Thank you for your interest in worship at Holy Trinity.


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For the periods [17/4/16 to 28/10/16], [28/11/16 to

31/12/16] and  [1/10/17 to 31/10/17] service details

were published as unverified and/or incomplete.


December and Christmas 2017 calendar was

compiled from multiple sources and released

'believed correct' on 25/11/17. Reissuing took

place on 7/12/17.                                          


For the periods [1/1/17 to 25/5/17] and [1/11/17 to

30/11/17], then 1/1/18 onwards; no reliable service

information was available.                                        


Therefore with regret, other than for December and



 Publication of forthcoming services is

discontinued  permanently, effective

from 1/1/18.


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Generic Weekday and Sunday Services


As a guide to worship, this section describes the

normal pattern, although there will be some

variations, especially where principal holy

days are celebrated.


  9:00 am - Sundays -  Said Communion (BCP)


10:30 am - Parish Communion

(excluding the third Sunday of each month)


10:30 am - 3rd Sunday of each month

- Morning Worship

This service is led by members of congregation

and is non Eucharistic


 4.30 pm  - Evensong - this is held at

All Saints not Holy Trinity.

Please use this link  to access All Saints website,

within which regular updates to service

calendars are enabled.




Generic Church Opening Times

Saturdays - 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Refreshments available.

Sundays - 
8:45 am - 12:30 pm




Non-worship Events


Non-worship events are added to the

recent news page when known.




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 December 2017  

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For older archive months please contact

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