Parish Boundaries

Every parish comes under the care of a priest (Vicar, Rector, or Priest-in-Charge) and everyone has certain rights within their parish church. These include the rights (subject to certain conditions) to baptism, to marriage, and to a funeral service. Banns of Marriage have to be read in church in the parish where you reside. In the case of a Christian funeral at the crematorium, your own parish priest is normally approached unless you specify otherwise.

Parish boundaries are therefore important in determining which is your parish of residence.

Description of parish boundaries

List of streets in the parish

Map of north Leamington

Holy Trinity parish boundaries are as follows:

Southern boundary (the easy one!):
The centre of Warwick Street/Warwick Place

Eastern boundary:
The centre of Clarendon Street/Lillington Road
until approximately half-way between the Lillington Avenue and Cubbington Road roundabouts.

The boundary then cuts almost due west across the southern edge of the sports ground.
Cloister Crofts and Cloister Way are outside the parish; Belltower Mews is included;
Kenilworth Road is included as far as the northern end of Northumberland Road; Gables House is outside the parish.

The old school site on Northumberland Road is included.

Western boundary:
From this northern edge, the boundary crosses Northumberland Road passing between Northumberland Road and Kenilworth Road properties to follow the back boundaries of the even-numbered properties along the entire length of Northumberland Road, excluding them all. A short section of Lillington Avenue/Rugby Road then forms the boundary before it veers down the south side of Stamford Gardens to include all of Clarendon Crescent and run alongside part of Strathearn Road, excluding all properties, finally crossing Beauchamp Hill to run alongside the green area at the back of Albany Terrace, and so to Warwick Place.

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Streets in the parish include:

Arlington Avenue
Arlington Mews
Barwell Close
Bell tower Mews
Beauchamp Avenue
Beauchamp Hill between Clarendon Place and Strathearn Road
Binswood Avenue
Binswood Street
Chandos Street
Clarendon Avenue
Clarendon Crescent
Clarendon Place
Clarendon Square
Clarendon Street west side of the road, north of Warwick Street
College Drive
Denville Road
Dereham Court
Enright Close
Guy Place
Guy Street
Hall Road

John Cullis Gardens
Kenilworth Road to just beyond Northumberland Road junction
Lillington Avenue
Lillington Road west side of the road from Clarendon Street to midpoint between A445 and B4453 roundabouts
Morrell Street
Morton Street
Onslow Croft
Oxford Place
Oxford Row
Oxford Street
Parade north of Warwick Street
Powers Court
Russell Street
Spilsbury Court
Strachey Avenue
Stuart Court
Tavistock Street
Trinity Street
Upper Grove Street
Warwick Place north side of the road, between Clarendon Place and recreation ground beyond Warwick Terrace
Warwick Street north side of the road, between Clarendon Place and Clarendon Street
Warwick Terrace
Waterloo Place
Woodcote Road
Wootton Court

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Heavenly Father,
Your presence can be found in every place.
Be with us, we pray,
in the homes and on the streets of this parish;
keep us safe from harm
and guide us in your ways;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.