Year 2011 at Holy Trinity.

A booklet is now available detailing the major events and achievements for the year gone. This contains a foreword from the Vicar, and individual sections as follows; Notes from the Warden, Worship Committee, Music, Fabric Committee, Parish Hall, Finance and Stewardship, Saturday Morning Opening, Church Urban Fund, Flowers, Social Committee, Reading Group, Scouts, Christian Aid, and several other categories. To obtain a copy please contact the website administrator by clicking here

Coventry Pilgrimage

The Coventry Pilgrimage took place over the week leading up to Palm Sunday (1st April) around the 50 or so miles of the Coventry Way.  Please visit for further information, or click here (requires .pdf reader)

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Service)

Was held on 6.30 pm Sunday 22nd January at Leamington Baptist Church in Chandos Street. Roy Crowne, CEO of Hope UK was speaker.

Worship Committee

Met on 13th January. Should you require further information please contact the website administrator by clicking here

For December 2011 and Christmas notices please click the card below

Bible Society Stickers for Christmas Cards

Please see here (requires MS PowerPoint)

Church Porch Project

Please see here (requires MS PowerPoint)

Safeguarding Training

There was a safeguarding training session at Holy Trinity dealing with vunerable adults on Thursday 13th October between 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Should you require further information please contact the website administrator by clicking here

Heritage Open Days

Holy Trinity was open this year on Friday 9th September: between 09:00-16:00, and again on Saturday 10th September: between 09:00-16:00. Many thanks to those who participated.


There have been two meetings since the last Trinity Times. The main focus of the November 18th meeting was 'The Way Forward'. Christopher Wilson had prepared a discussion document which was handed out to members. In pairs, they were asked to decide what their priorities were. When these were read out it was quite clear that the main concerns were the porch and outside notice boards, and these therefore were to be our focus. During the following discussion it was agreed that a glass door giving a view into the church, improved lighting, and plastering and painting the red brick walls would greatly enhance the visual impact of the church for those entering it.

The roof from which the lead had been stolen was now repaired, and the fellowship supper at Le Bistrot Pierre had been a successful and pleasant occasion.

At the meeting on January 20th Treasurer Kathleen G. read out a suggested list of recipients for Holy Trinity's charitable donations which, after a few adjustments, was approved. In all, 2,200 was donated. The next expenditure on fabric would be pointing the outer walls of the church. The Happy New Year Lunch had been a success,


Readers may like to know that Holy Trinity allocated 2,200 in 2010 for the following charities:

Church Urban Fund Church Mission Society CORD,

Steff & Jeff

Touch of Hope

Salvation Army

Night Light

Zoe's Place (children's Hospice)

* The cheque for the Church Urban Fund was handed over during the service of Morning Worship on Sunday 20 March.

Direct collections for Christian Aid, the Children's Society and the Missions to Seafarers were additional to this and Jean, June and Phyl will be reporting the totals they have received.

Preparation of the annual accounts is now well under way and will be presented at the next PCC meeting. The budget for this year shows increased expenditure is needed for the parish share, insurance and heating and lighting. {I have just paid a gas bill of 2,406.77 for just under three months to the end of January). In trying to pay our way, I am hoping that all our readers will take the opportunity to review their giving in the light of the additional costs we have to meet.

Regarding Gift Aid, after the 5th April, we will be losing the benefit of the concession granted under the Listed Places of Worship scheme when the rate of income tax decreased from 22% to 20%. After that only the basic 25% can be recovered.

We have to meet the costs of re-pointing once we have obtained the faculty and will have to payout about 11,000 if we have all the work done at the same time. The on-going plans to improve the porch will have also to be funded later this year. We have started a Restricted Fund for the Porch project, and I have already had two contributions to it.

Lent and Easter message

Dream no more! We now know for sure what a white Christmas is really like - pretty and quite fun, if chilly and inconvenient; but something of a nightmare for anyone travelling, even from their front door to their front gate. Among more serious consequences, church attendances were hit badly as many of the older generation very sensibly stayed safely indoors (we missed you but were relieved you weren't taking undue risks). The worship was offered by smaller congregations except for the Christingle, which was as usual packed out with young families. Special mention must be made of the Carol Service, which was superb - it's a great shame we couldn't broadcast it to listeners at home! Thanks, as always, to Adrian, his team of musicians, the Christingle team, and Margaret with her faithful band of sides men (male and female). A great deal of hard work went into the season, and I'm sure it was well worthwhile.

With the New Year lunch on January 8th, familiar faces began to emerge blinking from their burrows, hungry to break the fast of hibernation. Or at least, keen to catch up with the news of the previous two or three weeks. We had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal. If it's not too late for you to make resolutions, why not resolve to join us next year? It would be good to share the occasion with more of the congregation. Thanks to all those who worked hard, organising, cooking food, preparing the Bethany Room, and clearing up afterwards.

Some words about Lent. This year, we shall again be following a 'York Course' on Monday mornings. This well-tried format uses a CD featuring several prominent Christians which we listen to together, backed up by a booklet which ideally we all purchase. The theme is 'Rich Inheritance: Jesus' legacy of love.' The morning starts at 9am with Morning Prayer or, occasionally, Holy Communion, to which all are welcome; those coming to the Lent group need to arrive at 9.30am, when coffee is served. Normally we have thoughtful and thought provoking discussion - so do come and join in! The group finishes at 11am.

Our Annual Meeting will take place earlier than normal, due to the need to avoid Easter. It's scheduled for Sunday 10th April following the main service. As well as some PCC elections, we need to elect two Deanery Synod representatives to work on our behalf with the church in the wider area and report back to the PCC. Please note the date of the meeting, and come if

you are able.

More news in due course for Holy Week and Easter, but just to flag up at this stage that Leonie, known to many of you at least by sight, will be getting married in church on April 20th Please pray for her and Will, and their children James and Hugo, as they prepare for this special time.

On Saturday 12th March, there will be a morning in church entitled 'Encountering God through creativity: The theme, appropriate for Lent, will be Wilderness.' We'll start at 9 for 9.30am, and finish at 1.00pm, but invite those attending to bring a packed lunch and eat together. This is for everyone, whether or not you consider yourself to be creative.

Finally, a note on the building. We are applying for permission to do some re-pointing, and I hope we will get the faculty and complete the work before the autumn. On an altogether more exciting note, the PCC has voted to proceed with the refurbishment of the porch. This will. transform a drab, dark and uninviting area into a welcoming and fitting entrance to the House of God, and will also bring the potential to use the porch as an informal meeting space, offering fresh opportunities for mission. I commend the project to your prayers.


Reverend Christopher Wilson

Lunchtime Concerts for 2011

Start at 1. 15 ( church open at 1.00 pm) and last 30/40 minutes with tea, coffee and soup available before and after each concert. There is an optional retiring collection for the organ fund.

May  6th    Adrian Moore  -  organ

May 13th   Kathryn Hardy  -  soprano, with Stuart Smith, piano

May 27th   Chris Farr - harpsichord

June 10th   Angela and Tom Whittaker - soprano and tenor with David Bleach, piano

June 24th   Katie Alcock  -  flute, with Adrian Moore, piano

July   8th    Mariko Terashi  -  piano

July  23rd  Marek Orszulik  -  guitar

September and October programmes to follow.

Kingsley School Carol Service

Was held at Holy Trinity Church on December 13th at 6:30 pm. For more information, please visit The Kingsley School website at, or e-mail here

Christmas and New Year Message

From the Vicarage

My last Trinity Times letter was written during 'the light and warmth of summer', as I put it, late in August. Suddenly - in the twinkling of an eye - it's November: cold, wet and blustery (as November has a right to be). I'm left wondering how September and October could have come and gone so very quickly. And in this month of saints and of remembrance, such a rush of time - a sign of getting older - makes me more aware of my own mortality and the search for those three things which abide: faith, hope, and love.

Into that brief space of time, we managed to pack a busy schedule. Canon George Warner paid a return visit, at the request of the family, to conduct the funeral of Mrs Sally Sleigh. A couple of weeks later, the church was full for the memorial service for Spen King, Canon David Nason returning to officiate. Afterwards, at the Old Manor House in Cubbington, we looked nostalgically at one of the first three Range Rovers to be produced, and at a Rover P6 - both ground-breaking vehicles which he had designed - and also at a racing car he'd created and raced over half a century ago.

Meanwhile, John Repsh brought his mother Jill to visit Holy Trinity one Saturday morning. Jill, now wheelchair-bound, is the granddaughter of Canon Bernard McNulty, a former Vicar of Holy Trinity who served as a Chaplain on the Western Front during World War 1. During that time he wrote letters home for publication in the parish magazine. John and Jill brought with them some fascinating albums of photographs and newspaper cuttings, and were most interested in the magazine articles which Patsy had collated.

The Harvest Supper was once again a warm, convivial evening with good food, thanks to our very able team of caterers. It is something of a mystery to me why the attendance is not far higher. The Bethany Room has a good ambience when set out for supper, and the cost of the evening out is very modest. I hope the company is good, too! Thank you to those who worked hard once again for this occasion. Better attended was our second Supper Club meal, this time at Bistrot Pierre. It was good to see so many present to enjoy it; thanks again to Elizabeth Pratt for all the organisation.

Our Scout Group is flourishing, thanks to the dedication and hard work of its leaders. Some of the younger members (the Beaver Colony) once again came to the Animal Service.; more recently, a successful Reunion Service was held at All Saints', celebrating the 70th anniversary of our pack and the 100th anniversary of the All Saints' pack - the two packs having combined some years ago.

Amongst all these notable events, the routine things continue. Thank you once again to those who supported the Harvest Festival and the Ride and Stride, especially David Green who was our sole cyclist this year, and to those who continue the important ministries at the Red Lid drop-in and on Saturday mornings in church. Thanks too to Adrian at the close of another season of lunchtime recitals. Whilst I can rarely attend, I know how very much they are appreciated.

As I write, the postponed Creative Day is fast approaching. We shall also hold an Advent Carol Service this year, on December 5th, and in addition to the normal Christmas services, the 11.30pm 'midnight' Communion service will be reintroduced. These, along with the Carol Service and the Christingle, are good opportunities to invite family members, friends and neighbours to come and worship with us. We all need to be proactive in encouraging others to come - and welcoming those we don't know whilst they are with us.

On the domestic front, some have asked me about the unusual activity which has taken place at the Vicarage. Every five years, parsonage houses are inspected and works carried out to keep them up to a decent standard - something for which I am particularly grateful, as better management was introduced whilst I was a curate and I can remember what it was like before! The exterior of the house has been re-decorated, and is looking very smart. Some electrical and plumbing work has been carried out. Insulation in the loft has been increased, and thermostatic valves fitted on the radiators. The ugly, aging floodlights at the front of the house have been replaced by more seemly and economical lanterns, and the porch light has been fitted with a sensor - so I can now find the keyhole easily when arriving home in the dark. The open fire in the living room - a luxury which there was rarely time to use, with a chimney in close proximity to the new flats - has been closed off, and an electric fire installed. That should reduce my carbon footprint, and see me through the next five years!

On the other hand, we run a continuous programme of minor repairs and improvements to the Church and Church Hall, both of which are in generally good condition although we will need to carry out roof repairs to the Church over the next few years. As I write, our next PCC meeting will consider these and other major tasks which we need or would like to undertake so that our buildings better support our mission. These tasks are likely to encompass both maintenance and development; the PCC will determine priorities and more should be reported in the next Trinity Times.

Meanwhile may I wish you a thoughtful, prayerful Advent, a very happy Christmas, and a peaceful and blessed new year.


Reverend Christopher Wilson

Heritage Open Days

Including "Ride and Stride" took place during September. Please see the following websites for full event details Ride.pdf (requires .pdf reader) (requires .pdf reader)

Trinity Times.

Please send any contributions for the next edition . Subjects can be anything relating to Holy Trinity and to be given to Nick, Patsy or Margaret M. or  please e-mail the webmaster here.

Gift Day

Many thanks to all who contributed generously to the recent Gift Day. The total received was 5,766 which was slightly down on last year. We will be able to claim Gift Aid relief on about 5,000 of that. This will go a considerable way towards meeting all the budgeted expenses we have this year. Church Treasurer


Was held on Saturday 22nd May 2pm, and was well supported and attended. Additional full size pictures from the day are available by e-mailing the web site administrator here


Lunchtime Concerts for 2010

For archive listings of prior year's concerts, please see the respective monthly calendar page.


Thank you to everyone who filled their sock at Christmas with gifts of money for use for the children in their school in Bethlehem. A cheque for 70.60 has been sent to the Cathedral on your behalf.

Binswood Lodge (Christian Alliance Housing Association)

There was a wonderful response for the request for gifts in kind for the unfortunate young people who live near us. Two large boxes were delivered to the home on the 20th December which gave the residents a great deal of pleasure and excitement as they opened their parcels.


So far, there have been limited responses to ear1ier appeals for someone to help the flower team. With Phyl not yet restored to full health, we are really down to three members. It would be a tremendous help to have another pair of hands. As  before, there is no need to have any flower arranging experience; just to have someone to help in a general way would be particularly useful. If interested, please e-mail the webmaster here.

Holy Week and Easter Services

Palm Sunday - 28 March

9.00 am  Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

10.30 am  Blessing of Palms, Passion Gospel and Parish Communion

Photographs from  previous year' service


Maundy Thursday

7.00 pm  Christian Passover celebration and Vigil

Good Friday

10.00 - 12 noon    Activities and Prayer, mainly for children

12 noon - 3 pm   Three Hours' Service.

This service, divided into 20 minute sections, includes much silent meditation - please come for as many sections as you can

Holy Saturday

8.00 pm  Easter Ceremonies at All Saints' Church

Easter Day

9.00 am Holy Communion (Prayer Book)

Kate and Terry's Ruby Wedding

A celebration buffet was held on 21st February

Change of Clergy

January 2010 sees Reverend Matthew Pittam continue his placement at St Luke's, Holbrooks, rather than returning to Holy Trinity as previously planned. Matthew's last service at Holy Trinity was on 17th January 2010. If anyone was unable to attend church in person before then, but would want to wish Matthew and his family well for their future, their contact e-mail is

1st/12th Leamington (Trinity) Scout Group, and Trinity Explorer Scout Unit

We challenge people to learn new things and have new experiences which will enrich their lives:

The Scout Group and Explorer Scout Unit. which serve the three covenanting churches of Holy Trinity, All Saints and Radford Road, have had another great year- In early October, over 80 members participated in a Group Camp at the District site near Hatton - it was fantastic to see so many young members having fun and enjoying activities together.

Beaver Scouts are aged 6 to 8 years, and Cub Scouts 8 to 10 years. Both Beavers and Cubs meet on Friday evenings. Both sections have enjoyed a varied programme of indoor and outdoor activities, and the Cubs had a highly successful camp at Horley near Banbury earlier in the summer.

The Scouts, aged from 10 to 14 years, meet on Thursdays. Earlier in the summer they enjoyed a one week camp at Gradbach in the Derbyshire Peak District. Activities included hiking, cycling, bridge building, go-karting, swimming and trout fishing. They also completed some service work during the week by planting a number of small oak trees at the camp site.

The Explorer Scouts, aged 14 to 18 years, meet on Fridays. The Explorer Scouts' flag was dedicated by Christopher during the animals Service at Holy Trinity in September. The Explorer Scouts also enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and camped with the Scout Troop in the Derbyshire Peak District.

2010 win be a very special year for the Scout Group, as it will be 100 years since the 1st Leamington Scout Group was formed at All Saints and 70 years since the 12th Leamington Scout Group was formed at Holy Trinity. A number of special events are planned. In July 2010, all sections witl participate in a one-week Centenary Group Camp in the New Forest from where we shall Visit Brownsea lsland, the site of the very first Scout camp organised by Baden Powell in 1907.

If you know of any boy or girl Who Would like to join the Scout Group then please contact the respective section leader using one of the following Beavers Cubs Scouts Explorers. Similarly, if you know of any adult who would be prepared to help, then please contact the group coordinator, Graham M. here. The Cub Scout Pack is particularly short of leaders at present and Janet would really appreciate help at Friday meetings.

Mission Sale and Donated Goods

This year 414.99 was raised, along with knitted garments to be sent on. Thank you to all who supported

Children's Society

The sum of 509 was collected for the Children's Society as part of the fundraising effort. Additionally 250 was raised from the sale of cards, a third of which has also been donated to the society. many thanks to all who helped.

Remembrance Sunday

Minister: Let us remember before God and commend to his sure keeping: those who have died for their country in war; those whom we knew, and whose memory we treasure; and all who have lived and died in the service of humankind.

Reader: They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary then nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.

All: We will remember them.

   Please click on the picture (opens word document in new window)

Sacristan Needed

Some additional help is needed to prepare for HT's services, possibly one a month. Please e-mail the webmaster here for further information

Harvest Festival

The flower team would like to express thanks to all who donated to this year's harvest festival flowers.

Heritage Weekend and Ride and Stride

Warwick DC Heritage Open Days Weekend ran from Thursday September 10th Through Sunday September 13th. Holy Trinity, as one of the buildings participating was be open on September 11th / 12th / 13th. Further information about Heritage Open Days can be found at Warwick DC, or here

Thanks to those who participated, including manning the church.

 Ride and Stride (in support of the Historic Churches Trust) also took place on Saturday 12th September, with cyclists and walkers calling in at Holy Trinity during the day. Totals collected are 287. Additional detail about the event is available here .


The photograph shown is from the children's section of previous year's service.



Matthew Pittam, formerly Holy Trinity's Lay Curate, was ordained as Deacon on Sunday July 5th at Coventry Cathedral.

The Provisional Programme...........

for Churches Together ramblers' walks is now available.

Please see the porch notice board, or e-mail the webmaster here for further information

Warwick District Faiths Forum

Warwick District Faiths Forum's annual Faiths Trail was held on Sat 25th April, and centred on the theme "an introduction to faith buildings and communities". Details of the event are available at Holy Trinity is not responsible for external links and/or their content.

Book of Remembrance

Margaret M. will be updating the book of remembrance. If you would like an entry to be made on behalf of a loved one please give her details as soon as possible, contact information may be obtained from the webmaster here

Binswood Lodge Easter Gifts.

Thank you to all those that bought goods for the residents.

Margaret M.

Please note that the annual revision to the Electoral Roll took place in April between Saturday the 4th and Saturday 11th, therefore everyone who wishes to be included please make an entry on the list at the back of the Church. If anyone missed this and wished to be included please contact the webmaster here

Trinity Times - 

This is a publication (approximately quarterly) which replaces the now discontinued monthly parish magazine. The next issue is presently being compiled; any comments on the previous edition or suggestions for inclusion would be warmly welcomed. Please e-mail the webmaster here for further information, or to provide items for inclusion . In addition to previous editions an "Items Wanted or For Sale" section is to be added.

Bible Reading Fellowship Notes......

 To all subscribers of either Guidelines or New Daylight. I shall be collecting your yearly subscriptions soon.
Please note the increase to 11-10. New members very welcome.
Deborah H.

Help Wanted.............

to join the coffee team. This would be on the second Sunday of the month; please contact Debbie after service.

Helping Change Lives ............

Over the last two or three years, our congregation has generously donated gifts at Christmas, Easter and Harvest to the residents of Binswood Lodge, the Christian Alliance Housing home in Binswood Avenue, just behind the church. The CAHA is part of a national organization which provides for their residents on strong Christian ethics.

As part of our Morning Praise on October 12th, it seemed appropriate for us to invite Val P., one of the project workers and Cheryl and Mark, residents, to take part in our service. We were delighted to welcome them and hope that we may be able to develop a closer relationship with the young people who need support and encouragement to live successfully in this demanding world we all live in.

Val told us about the Association and how it works to provide home for about 26 young people age ranging from 18 to 35. They are admitted on a two year licence after a careful interview. This gives them time to develop and mature into responsible adults leading their own lives. Whilst there, they have the freedom to work and study and are helped with the practicalities of learning social skills, local service, and all sorts of financial matters such as budgeting and paying rent.

On arrival, the young person is given a key to their own room. No one is allowed to enter it except by invitation or emergency. The occupant may decorate their room as they wish, look after it, and enjoy a degree of independence and privacy which they have never had. The residents are encouraged to become good neighbours and make friends as well as to support, respect and trust each other. Something which they may not have been able to in the past through no fault of their own.

When they leave, the support is continued for a while as they seek to establish themselves in the community. They are also welcomed back as visitors.

We, at Holy Trinity can play our part and I have already had offers of help. If anyone is interested in developing an involvement please e-mail the webmaster here for further information.
The Christmas collection of gifts for young men and women as well as goodies to eat would be appreciated by Sunday 21st December.

S.O.C.S ......................

The Christmas collection took place on Sunday 14th.December.Socks were brought to the Service, money was blessed and afterwards sent via the Cathedral to Bethlehem. This delightful school (Syrian Orthodox) is continuing to work, giving hope and education to its children and their parents. A haven in this very troubled land.

NEWS FROM THE FLOWER TEAM .....................

This year we broke from tradition by maintaining flowers in church throughout Advent. The purpose was to improve the welcome we offer to those who visit our church.
Before Christmas we had as normal many visitors to HT, including schools for their carol services.
The Christmas tree was in place about two weeks before Christmas and the floral decorations enhanced the beauty of HT.

A big 'thank you' to all who have generously funded the provision of flowers throughout the year.


For some years now people have very kindly put together carrier bags that have enabled asylum seekers living in dire poverty or absolute destitution locally, to have a more hope-filled Christmas. Thank you to those who kindly participated, 

Warwick Hospital ....................

has a chaplainry Team who value being told of any patient admitted to the hospital who would appreciate their ministrations.
Please phone 495321 ext. 4121 giving the patients name and ward.

Mission to Seafarers..............

A total of 488.30 was raised in 2008 from Phyl S's recent sales in aid of the Mission to Seafarers, beating last year's total by 28. The goods sold included cards, mission goods and cakes and a number of donations were received. Also a selection of colourful balaclavas and hats, beautifully hand-knitted, were handed in and have now been sent on to the Mission ready for sailors sailing in icy waters.

Children's Society Box Holders ...............

Please could you provide to June M. for emptying and return, thanks

Could you spare a few minutes during the week ............. help with a disabled group of people? From 11.30 to 1.00 on Thursdays the group meet in the church Hall. Each member of the group are cared for in a home and each has their own carer.  The initiative came from a carer who said it would be lovely to have somewhere to meet and perhaps socialize with other carers. Please e-mail the webmaster here for further information.

................The Red Lid

I met Christine, firstly at the Table top sale in May and then again in June at our Garden Fete. She told me that she was a carer of disabled young adults who, when they reach the age of eighteen have little provided for them. After discussion with our P.C.C., it was agreed that as part of our Christian mission we would give them time in the church hall free of charge. Posters were displayed and delivered to the homes where the disabled are cared .We opened our doors at the end of August.

Since then, on Thursday mornings, three severely disabled people come with their devoted carers. Neil, Richard and John enjoy their drink and biscuits and, later on, their lunch. Richard is able to complete a young child's jigsaw, John lives mainly in his own world and Neil, clutches in his hand a bright red lid from a coffee jar. I'm not sure what would happen if he lost it.

It is good that we started small because we ourselves are on a learning curve as we begin to relate to them. As Christine says they, and others like them are all different individuals with vast array of behaviors and responses. Some of which can be challenging. But getting to know each person is always stimulating.

The carers who accompany these young men whose ages range from 23 to 34,vary. One, a young doctor in training, another, a teacher of young children.
Others from Nigeria and the West Indies. They are all special people treating Neil, Richard and John with gentleness, care and love. They too need our support and prayers.

I was delighted at the response of our congregation when I had the opportunity to ask for help. Eight of us now take turns. Two or three at time as well as Patsy's dog Fritz have come to welcome them all. To make the drinks and just chat.

Christopher has alerted the Deanery clergy of this initiative and we hope that the 'Drop in' will grow and maybe flourish especially in the winter months when walking the streets is unpleasant. People like Neil, Richard and John are not welcome in the local cafes and shops. Why? Because they are different.


Contributions towards the cost of flowers for the Harvest festival would be much appreciated (please put them in the carboy at the back of church). Some photographs from prior year's service are shown below.



Don't forget to visit HT 

A reminder that the church is open on Saturday mornings - please see the Monthly Calendar page for opening times and details          

Liz and Chris W. would like to express their grateful thanks to all their friends at Holy Trinity who have kindly written following the tragic loss of their Grandson Joe in Afghanistan

Sunday Church Association. 

Another very large bag of postcards has been taken to the Leamington collection address. Nearly 53,000 has been sent to the Sudan during the last five years. Thank to everyone who has participated for their continued generosity.

Happy Birthday ..... !!!

To Reverend Anne Morris, pictured in church receiving a gift from members of the congregation  


Christian aid week and walk 2007

The final total for these two events is 976. This is less than our usual amount which is due to the fact that several of our regular volunteers were unable to take part this year. I think you will agree that this is still a remarkable total and will go a long way towards alleviating the suffering of the very poorest people in the world. Thank you to all who volunteered and all those gave so generously.   Jean H.

Reverend Denise Hiscox, 

                  our former Associate Priest, has been Licensed as Associate Minister of St John, Willenhall. Please pray for her and for the people of that parish.

Creative day

                      This was held on 26th July 2008, and was workshop based activity to consider identifying the "spark" of creativity within us all. For visitors to the church, thoughts from this day have been captured on posters and displayed on the pillar facing as you walk in.

Trinity Sunday

                          These photographs were taken of the floral displays around the main body of the church after services on Trinity Sunday morning.

                                18-05-08_1028m.jpg (54999 bytes) 18-05-08_1207m.jpg (87271 bytes) 18-05-08_1209m.jpg (61096 bytes) 18-05-08_1210m.jpg (67712 bytes) 18-05-08_1211m.jpg (105457 bytes) 18-05-08_1212m.jpg (52000 bytes) 18-05-08_1213m.jpg (74305 bytes)

                                To view the photographs from this day, please click one of the thumbnail images above (opens Holy Trinity's visitors page in a new window)

Year 2007 at Holy Trinity

                                              A pamphlet is now available, which can be viewed in word format here, detailing the key events and activities for year 2007 at Holy Trinity

Vicar's Letter

                           series of The 2008 vicar's letter has now been published. To view a copy please click here . Requires acrobat reader.

Please .............

                          do not deposit UK 1st and 2nd class used postage stamps in the CORD box, as there is no demand for them, and the box needs to be sorted.

This is the time......

                                  some of you may be completing your tax returns in which one is asked if one would like all or part of any overpayment of tax to be given to your nominated charity. You just need to enter the charity's code. If you would like to do this in favour of Holy trinity Church it would be appreciated. The code number you need to enter is DAP37MG. As a note the "G" is already printed rather faintly on the forms. It can also be gift aided if an "X" is inserted in the appropriate box.

Holy Trinity Fete

2008's fete was held on Saturday 7th June .. Thanks also to those who supported the table top sale on Saturday May10th .  Please click on the thumbnails below to view full size pictures from the day (opens in new window). Totals raised were 207.07 from the tale top sale, 79.00 from the concert tea, and 578.60 from the fete, thanks to all who participated.

                                                                       S7300172m.jpg (1063876 bytes) S7300174m.jpg (1143363 bytes) S7300175m.jpg (1139853 bytes) S7300177m.jpg (1914310 bytes) S7300181m.jpg (661306 bytes)

For further information and a listing of future events, please e-mail the webmaster here

To view larger pictures from the fete,  please click one of the thumbnail images above (opens in a new window)

The Children's Society

The collection grand total for 2007 in boxes and donations is 806.72. In addition 207 was collected from the sale of Christmas cards of which approximately on third will go to the Society

Bible Reading Fellowship Notes

Please could you fill in the form at the back of church if you wish to continue this year, thanks

Mission to Seafarers

717.58 was raised in 2007, of which 420.63 from Christmas and coffee mornings, 296.95 from Sea Sunday, and 7.50 in the box in lieu of sending Christmas cards. Thanks to all who helped.

Midweek Services: Every Monday  9.00am Morning Prayer (25 minutes) then 9.25am Bible Study (to 10.00am)

 You are welcome to join for either or both. We have now purchased some Daily Prayer books for use on these and other occasions, and if you are in church with a few minutes to spare at any time, I would encourage you to make use of them. They are kept in the Lady Chapel.


During the informal Bible Study we start to look at the Gospel reading set for the Sunday a fortnight ahead.


The day after Morning Worship, we will normally have a Communion service instead of Morning Prayer. It takes approximately the same length of time. Please check the Notices and Events page which has latest details

Fair Trade

a new website has been launched - it is an online database of hundreds of Fair Trade suppliers across the UK and is fully searchable by product line or retailer location. It is hoped that by making access to Fair Trade retailers easier more people will be encouraged to buy fairly traded products.


Clicking on the image above gives more information (requires acrobat reader), or please visit the site address shown.                                                    

Would you like......

                                    to represent Holy Trinity at Deanery level, and contribute to the shaping of the Church to the needs of our town today? We have an unfilled place at Deanery Synod which wed like to fill. For more information, please contact Reverend Christopher Wilson. Thank you

Communion & Coffee

1st and 3rd Fridays of each month at 10.00am   -      Meet for Communion & Coffee Seasons Restaurant, Warwick St

                                                            (Service approx 25 mins, coffee approx 15 mins)


By popular demand, this simple ecumenical Eucharist now takes place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. All very welcome. Its also a good reintroduction to worship for those who dont feel ready or able to enter a church building. There is a basket left out for those who wish to support the Air Ambulance.

 The Notices and Events page has latest details - please check for availability of this service during key times of the year.